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I'm a successful coach, business owner, public speaker and writer who works with people who are facing a time of transformation in their life, and who want to do more than just rebuild what they had before.

Years ago, when I divorced, I also lost my home and my job at our small business. At the same time, my kids went off to college and my dad passed away. Shortly afterward, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. So I can truly say I understand about facing loss and uncertainty about the future.

I used to lie awake nights wondering what was wrong with me, how I had managed to lose everything, and how on earth I was going to put my life back together. Wondering how I would earn enough money to live on made me so panicky that I couldn't think straight. I didn't believe I could get a decent job and support myself without a degree, but I had never finished one. I had dreams - I wanted to own my own home, and to travel - but I was in survival mode and couldn't imagine how I could ever make those dreams a reality.

After searching through self-help books and programs, I pulled myself together and applied what I had learned. I went back to college, got a job and found some stability. In 2020, I fulfilled three big dreams - I bought my own home,  finished my Bachelor's Degree, and took a trip to Europe and the UK shortly before the pandemic shut everything down.

I did all this by putting into practice the principles I learned during those years of searching, and in the process I learned to set my sights higher. Initially, I frantically tried to recreate my old life, to get some stability back in my life and to chase away the uncertainty and the panic that kept me awake at night. But as I began to make progress, I started to reach higher - instead of just recreating what I had before, I began to think about what I wanted to do differently. I thought about what I had dreamed of when I was younger, what I always wanted to do but thought was impossible for me. I found ways to dream bigger, to do more. 

I went through a very difficult time, but I'm so much happier now than I ever thought I could be. I've helped others start successful businesses, get out of debt, find their dream job, travel overseas, and get their college degrees. I can help you, too.

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What others are saying:

Karyn really helped me get through a difficult time and to see it as an opportunity for growth. She encouraged me to try some things I had always wanted to do and we created a plan to incorporate more fun into my daily life. Taking time for myself really helps me handle everything else and to be more present for my family.   -- Carol C.


Karyn is an amazing coach. She is thorough in getting to know your situation, and intuitive in her recommendations/advice. She is accomplished, knowledgeable, and will gently guide in her recommendations/suggestions of possible solutions to questions or day-to-day problems you might find yourself facing.

She helped guide me in my decision to go back to college. I was really on the fence and dragging my feet with completing my Bachelor’s degree; I had been out of school for so long, and the prospect of finishing college while working full time was daunting. I did not believe I still had what it took to be a good writer and excel in academics. She encouraged me to sign up and complete the program, and even proofread my entrance essay, as well as other papers for class assignments. She helped me to realize I did have the brains and the talent to complete the program; Karyn’s encouragement and advice has been invaluable to me. Honestly had it not been for her pushing me to dive in, believe in myself, and just DO it, I never would have had the courage and motivation to sign up and follow through with finishing my degree. I am happy to say I completed my bachelor’s degree and have since found an amazing job that I absolutely love.

I know I would not have gotten this job without the education I completed, and I never would have completed that degree without having met Karyn.  -- Megan R.